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Exciting Breaking News!The Wine Works Is Branching Out.

The Olive Branch Oil and Balsamic Tasting Bar at The Wine Works is now open for tasting. We are very excited about offering a new taste experience to you. Drop in to see the changes that we've made to the place, we think you'll like what we've done!

Now we would like to welcome you to our home away from home. The Wine Works has been operating for over 20 years and through those years we have made great friends with all of our clients. Actually, it really doesn't feel like we work here at all, it is more of a place to come and socialize but miraculously the work gets done, the wines get made and now we have even more to talk about.

For those of you who haven't met us, I'll make some introductions.

Blair is our in house sommelier. Who knew that someone who skipped so many classes as a kid to play hooky on the golf course and the local ski hill could score highest in his Sommelier Class? At last, he has found his calling which goes to show you it is what you do, not when you do it, that matters. So if you have any questions about wine, he's your man.

Fiona is Blair's wife. She is the mastermind behind the operation (she is also the author of this little piece of literature, as such, she can take great liberties with what is written). She is still completely baffled that she has managed in small business for so long having had no entrepreneurial background. "It is a miracle, we must be doing something right!" and I guess we are because otherwise, it just wouldn't be this much fun. You really have to enjoy what you do because you spend so much time doing it!

Then there is Ingrid. Ingrid and Fiona go way back to a career in the brokerage industry of Vancouver. Gone are the high heels and power suits of our youth, bring on the rubber boots and chicken poop. Things have definitely changed since the late eighties, thank goodness our hair styles have changed too.

Now comes Dan. He is just great, what a chatty guy. There is no way you can have an off day when you are working with Dan. He is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! Dan recently got a dog, he is like a new parent, it is really pretty cute to listen to his dog tales. In June 2014, Dan went in for a hip replacement and he missed his Wine Works family so much he hardly took any time to recover.

That is pretty much all of us, unless you come to visit on a Saturday. On that day you may also meet our daughters, Erin and Alex. Yes, their parents are slave drivers and make them work sometimes. It is called work ethic girls! The sooner you learn it, the better. Not only are they well versed in the world of wine, they are now fully immersed in oil and vinegar!

So that is all of us and what we do is make wine. I should rephrase, we make really good wine and we have a ton of fun while doing it. You simply must join us, it will be a hoot!

Last updated: 2014-10-27 17:26:13

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